Barricades - Traffic Solutions

Type I Barricade.PNG

A-Frame Barricades

A-Frame barricades are made of rigid impact resistant polyethylene and its' legs are sand fillable for ballasting, stackable for storage and transportation. Each A-Frame leg can be used with the I-Beam Rails, Phoenix Plastic Rails, or lumber.


Type II Barricades

Constructed of hollow molded plastic for internal ballasting (5 lb. sand per side). Stable in the wind. Left barricade sheeting on one side and right
barricade sheeting on other side. 45" H x 25" W. High Intensity or Diamond
Grade DG3 sheeting upon request "Click Lock" hinge increases stability and durability Recessed panels keep reflective sheeting safe Molded in
handles for mounting flashers


The Flex-SafeĀ® Barricade

Designed to improve Scene Safety, Incident Safety, Traffic Safety and Pedestrian Safety. Combining high strength, light weight materials with state of the art design, Flex- SafeĀ® Barricades offer a professional solution for perimeter control and pedestrian traffic management

Type III Barricade.PNG

Type III Barricades

The Phoenix Type III Barricade from TrafFix Devices is lightweight making it easy for a single worker to setup or breakdown. It comes complete with (2) 72" steel or plastic pre-drilled uprights which attach to (2) 40 lb. recycled rubber and steel bases.

Barricade Light  

High-quality barricade lights feature 7-inches of polycarbonate lens with advanced optics for increased visibility. Dependable, coated solid state circuitry provides reliable operation in even the harshest weather conditions. Each light features switchable manual (ON/OFF). In addition, each light can be set to blink or burn steady. The high-density polyethylene case is UV stabilized to retain color and strength



ADA Wall

The ADA Wall is used to create hand guided safe passages through workzones that meet ADA requirements and is MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible as TL-3 Longitudinal Channelizing Device. The TrafFix ADA Wall is made of UV stabilized, high density polyethylene. 



HD 700 Series High Impact Surface Mount Delineator Posts are the only sensible choice for hi-traffic, hi-impact locations. Using the same color impregnated polycarbonate extrusion and flexible hinge as the virtually indestructible FlexStake HD surface mounted SM's are still standing after 8 years of hard road use.

MTBF: 340 hits at 35 mph, 75 hits at 55 mph Height: 19", 24", 30", 36", 48", 60", 72" Anchor: Surface Mount
Colors: W, R, O, Y, G, Bu, Br, Gy
Sheeting: Reflective (federally approved)


Water Wall Barrier

The Water-Wall Barrier is a durable side protective temporary crash barrier system that can be used in many situations; from protecting the public surrounding a construction site, to work-zone safety on roads and highways.


Traffic Drum

Minimum of 18" wide throughout its 36" height, regardless of orientation. Tapered design allows stacking with or without barricade lights for easy handling and storage. Drum and base remain "snapped together" until impacted or separated for transportation and storage. Gentle curves throughout drum eliminate sharp edges or corners that crack and break when impacted. Built-in carrying and dragging handle.


Big Sandy

The Big Sandy Attenuator/Crash Cushion Sand Barrel has been tested and certified to meet the crash worthy requirements of NCHRP 350; Big Sandy Sand Barrels go above and beyond these requirement to provide the best in highway safety.